Another session of loading sections of my site to another CD. Oh joyous. Not really! I’m doing all the small stuff right now. I dread doing the sections on Kevin and Erik. Those are so BIG! But ... Read More
Trevor, Dave, and Ken did a fantastic job on TRL yesterday. They looked like they were having a blast! And don’t I wish I had been part of the upstairs audience. 😛 Today is part two of sD in ... Read More
Oh, now here’s something that SUCKS!!! I can’t get to my webpage files on my rewritable CD. I think it’s locked or something and I don’t know how to unlock it! So right now I&#... Read More
I miss my sister. She lives in Georgia and is starting the process of buying her first home. It’s so exciting! Seeing the pictures of her lot and of the model home just makes me wish I could be ... Read More
I’m doing that Napster thing again. I’m torn, really, about the whole copyright infringement thing. I absolutely understand that the artists should be compensated for their work. I know th... Read More
Dusk falls. I’m on the laptop because the hubby is playing an online game. Football, I think. The dogs are outside, enjoying the last bits of daylight… I taped “Who’s Gurkhan?&... Read More
Revamped my Greg site yet again! I am much more satisfied with the way it looks now. Hopefully my visitors like it. 🙂 I’m thinking of making the updates page a blogger page. It would make the... Read More
Woohoo, it’s Friday!!! The week has been quietly dragging. It’s been slow at work, which has been nice and then kinda boring. 😛 The potluck on Thursday night was groovy! I ate so much. ... Read More