The 73rd Academy Awards was a nice way to spend the evening. Here are my comments, a totally unexpert opinion. 😛 I was personally glad to see Gladiator take the award for best picture, mostly becau... Read More
It’s Friday! Yeehaw! 😛 I downloaded AvantGo for my Visor and I must say, it’s totally awesome! I can view different webpages while offline and all sorts of stuff. It’s really very... Read More
Greg is the latest “Who’s That Babe” at Lots of bio information on him, which I’ve added to my Greg site. I’m getting reports of Ryan sightings! 🙂 He̵... Read More
So for some odd reason I thought today (the 21st) was the first day of spring, which means I totally missed the significance of the lovely sunshine that was yesterday. It was just another lovely day i... Read More
Now here’s something strange. My oddly poetic thoughts seem to hit me when I’m driving on Jackson Street while I’m on my way to work. Why is that? And then when I try and remember th... Read More
Wow, Fall for soulDecision is the feature site of the week at Absolute TRL, a fantastic site dedicated to MTV’s Total Request Live. I’m so proud! 🙂 A definite springtime treat. I’... Read More
Happy Saturday! It looks to be a lovely day outside, but I haven’t been outside yet. It’s always this way with me. My dogs got to enjoy some of the sunshine this morning though. 😛 Oh ye... Read More
I am the queen of screen names. When I think of something new, I try it out and if it’s available, I take it! Hence you can find me on AOL as ValsoulDecision, among others. And now, I am also Za... Read More