Okay, the site is revamped! 🙂 I think it looks nice… I’ve added Jensen to the list of fellows, which brings us to ten. I think that should be enough. I hope. LOL! If you have any proble... Read More
HAPPY NEW YEAR! The revamp is coming along, I think. At that time I’ll probably link my latest online endeavor, THE JENSEN ACKLES CORNER. Yes, I’ve given in and started a site on that fell... Read More
I don’t think anyone reads this. Woe is me. Not really. I’m thinking of revamping Kiari’s Corner again, which means I might revamp this particular weblog. Hmm. We shall see. A revamp... Read More
Well, Ryan’s movie, THE BELIEVER, is not going to be shown this weekend on Showtime. Looks like they’ve pulled the movie from their lineup altogether. It’s a shame! I really want to ... Read More
Yes, I’ve revamped the weblog a bit. Just trying my hand at new things. 😉 I liked the picture of me and my doggies so much that it’s now the top graphic. Groovy, eh?... Read More
My Ryan site has been revamped. If you check out “the webgal” page, you’ll find a new picture of me and my doggies! 🙂 Oh, I’ll just show it here: Aren’t they just ador... Read More
The world has been a solemn, unbelievable place since Tuesday morning. The dark skies above are silent, casting an almost eerie peace upon the night… Sometimes the fear sifts in, touching me wit... Read More