Now here’s something strange. My oddly poetic thoughts seem to hit me when I’m driving on Jackson Street while I’m on my way to work. Why is that? And then when I try and remember th... Read More
Wow, Fall for soulDecision is the feature site of the week at Absolute TRL, a fantastic site dedicated to MTV’s Total Request Live. I’m so proud! 🙂 A definite springtime treat. I’... Read More
Happy Saturday! It looks to be a lovely day outside, but I haven’t been outside yet. It’s always this way with me. My dogs got to enjoy some of the sunshine this morning though. 😛 Oh ye... Read More
I am the queen of screen names. When I think of something new, I try it out and if it’s available, I take it! Hence you can find me on AOL as ValsoulDecision, among others. And now, I am also Za... Read More
Ahh, the weekend is upon us! It’s Friday night and here I am at home in front of the computer. Such is my life. I probably shouldn’t have written the previous thing about being cheery at w... Read More
I should be in the shower already. I think I have to go to the bank for some money, then figure out what to buy for lunch. But I must wait until the washer stops. So, where do I work? Because of where... Read More
It’s FRIDAY!!! The week seemed to drag on, yet here we are at the end of it. Oh, must remember to tape The Lone Gunmen! Now there’s a funny show. I hope it lasts. I’m really enjoying... Read More
Hey, I totally forgot I had a site at Tripod. It’s a 1997 version of Kiari’s Corner. My, how my site has changed! Bianca surfed along to my Tripod site and dropped me a line. It was funny ... Read More