I’m toying with the idea of starting a forum for Kiari’s Corner. Ideally, it would be the place to talk about the fellows featured at Kiari’s Corner. It’s just a thought…... Read More
Oh look, another RUDE guestbook entry, this time in my Ryan guestbook. Visitor’s Name: Gidge Homepage URL: http:// You are from: Iowa Comments: Your site sucks! God you can’t even get any ... Read More
I totally suck! I am so behind on my emails and updating my encounters section of my Greg site. Aaaack!!! And I never update my main updates page. Rats. But the cool stuff! My Oakland Athletics won th... Read More
Geez, I haven’t written here since Tuesday? I suck! DSL rocks! I just had to say that. 😛 So another week ends. Glorious. It was an odd week, I think. I only worked 4 days, but those days DRAG... Read More
We went to the Knicks vs. the Warriors game last night. AWESOME GAME! They went into overtime after Glen Rice’s 3 point shot in the last seconds of regulation and the Knicks pulled it out for ov... Read More
The 73rd Academy Awards was a nice way to spend the evening. Here are my comments, a totally unexpert opinion. 😛 I was personally glad to see Gladiator take the award for best picture, mostly becau... Read More
It’s Friday! Yeehaw! 😛 I downloaded AvantGo for my Visor and I must say, it’s totally awesome! I can view different webpages while offline and all sorts of stuff. It’s really very... Read More
Greg is the latest “Who’s That Babe” at Teenmag.com. Lots of bio information on him, which I’ve added to my Greg site. I’m getting reports of Ryan sightings! 🙂 He̵... Read More