I should be in the shower already. I think I have to go to the bank for some money, then figure out what to buy for lunch. But I must wait until the washer stops.

So, where do I work? Because of where I work, I always think that I should be cautious and wary about mentioning it. Of course, if you’ve read my “I wanted you to call” report, then you’d almost know what I do. Although I’m still civilian staff, I’m in uniform now and the classification name has changed. Oh glorious. Not really. The nice thing is that the change brought a little bit more money…

I like to say that my workplace is “interesting” and it still is! I’ve been there for almost 5 years and I am glad to say that I still find it a unique working environment. It is a daily challenge to keep a cheery attitude and not sink into that bitter and downtrodden mindset. Of course, the real test is working in an office filled with women. I think one of our saving graces is the fact that men do wander in and out of the office. We’ve got some cute ones too. 😉

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