Ahh, the weekend is upon us! It’s Friday night and here I am at home in front of the computer. Such is my life.

I probably shouldn’t have written the previous thing about being cheery at work. I felt as though I was in an irritated mood or something. Gads! Perhaps it was a throwback to some comments I got yesterday. Requests, actually. Requests for things I already do as part of my job. Isn’t that just so annoying? People asking you to do something you already do. Just reinforces the fact that some people really don’t know the nature of my job. Frustrating!!!

It’s Lent and I didn’t give anything up. Does that make me a bad Catholic? Will I burn and rot in the bowels of Hell for it? Not very likely, eh? In truth, I am glad that I was raised with a Catholic background. And sometimes it brings me comfort when nothing else does. But those times are rare. Sometimes it makes me sad that I’ve drifted away from the Church. I miss the beauty and the ceremony of it. So I look to the world around me for beauty. And in spite of all the concrete and noise, beauty still exists in the modern world…

Religion is such a touchy subject though, isn’t it? Never talk religion or politics– isn’t that the saying? As I get older, I see how true that statement is. I’m always glad when people “find” God or whatever, but I personally like to keep my religious beliefs to myself. As you wish others to respect you, then you should respect others. I don’t need to be converted, thank you. Tolerance, please!

Here’s cool genealogy site called RootsWeb.com. I get lost in that site sometimes, looking up names and what not…

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