movie sunday

you know why
there’s no goodbye
for us to say
on this fine day
forever spins
a tempting view
stirring dreams
deep from the blue


Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie. Go see the movie!

THE LOSERS – Let’s see, a movie starring the dashing Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the beautiful Zoe Saldana, the delicious Chris Evans with lots of action is just the thing to see on a lazy Sunday afternoon. lol! It’s a fun movie that gives a lot of screen time to JDM and CE, which suits me just fine. 😉

My favorite sequences:

  • Clay and Aisha’s fight – Intense and hot! lol! ZS is kick ass cool. The fight was crazy. Loved it!
  • Jensen at Goliath – The whole scene was great! First off, he was singing Journey. Then he was stripping in the elevator. Loved when it stopped at the one floor with the women checking him out. What did he say? “…angle of the dangle…” ROTLMAO And then the whole crazy story about being a secret human experiment was just icing.
  • Clay and Aisha in the red room – I especially liked when she sprang up with both guns with the other guys barged in. I loved when Jensen pointed out that she was aiming for his lower region. LOL!
  • The soccer game – Jensen going nuts for the foul not called. CUTE!

I liked Chris Evans a lot in this. He was cute and techie and that is just a lethal combination for me. JDM was delightful as usual. He played the part so well.

Oh, and I was slightly bummed about the turn with Idris Elba’s character Roque. Alas for him!

A fun movie with lots of action and lots of laughs. It doesn’t take itself seriously which makes it a fun film to watch. I’d recommend it most definitely!