tech things

I tweeted this yesterday:

“I touched an iPad today and it was everything I thought it would be.”

Damn you, Apple.

The iPad is GORGEOUS!!! Knock 0 off the current price and I might actually consider figuring out a way to buy it. LOL! It’s exactly the kind of device my lazy ass would adore, especially if the battery life is as advertised. When we were at Stoneridge, I spent a few minutes holding the iPad. My impressions:

It’s solid. It’s thin. It doesn’t feel super delicate but definitely has a bit more weight than I expected. Still, it’s easy in the hands.

The screen is BEAUTIFUL. My eyes loved looking at the screen and it’s loveliness. I went to my site for reference and it looked great. Everything was readable and rightly colored. I went to my flickr page and my photos looked great.

Typing was easy. I used my thumbs and it wasn’t too difficult. Definitely nicer than typing on the iPhone only because my thumbs didn’t hit any wrong letters. lol!

I used the browser and it was fast. I checked out the gallery and it was lovely. If I had money to throw around (and don’t I wish!), I would probably wait for the 3G version and get the one with the most GB. Because that’s how I roll. Well, if I had money. LOL!

I bought my first Android app! Before this paid Android app, I had only dowloaded the free apps. I just couldn’t see myself buying anything when there are few “must have” Android apps of the paid variety. So what did I buy? At Bat 2010, .99

As with the iPhone app (which I LOVED), the Android version has gameday and audio and video highlights. Not sure why, but it does *not* have the option for watching the games (, so I don’t even have the free streaming games that the iPhone app has (bastards!).

Other than the lack of video streaming, I like the the Android version of At Bat 2010. The gameday is as fast as the online version. The radio streaming is way off the action, which means either you listen to the game (your choice of home team or visitor station) or just watch the gameday. You shouldn’t do both or you’ll be messed up on the action. lol!

As a baseball fan, I would most definitely recommend the application. The price is a little steep (last year’s iPhone app for MLB was , I believe) but for 162 games plus the post season, it’s a deal. πŸ˜‰ It works great so far on my Motorola Droid.