SQUEE!!! part 2

I think I’m being tested at the moment. First the news that CHARLES MESURE will be appearing at the Xena Convention. Then, today, whilst checking out Creation’s site, I saw a Supernatural convention slated for San Francisco a mere two weeks before the Xena convention. I froze a little before taking a deep breath and clicking on the link. Who would be the guests for the Supernatural convention?

Did I really need to ask?

HOLY HECK, JENSEN ACKLES and Jared Padalecki are going to be in San Francisco for the Supernatural convention! I want to go. I must go. OMIGOSH, OMIGOSH, OMIGOSH!!!

But wait, why in the world does it cost so much for the “J & J sandwich” photo? 9?! And if I want a picture with just Jensen (be still my heart), it’s 9? I balk a little at the price but seriously, I would SO PAY IT.

Let’s start with the J & J sandwich. The thought of standing between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki sends me into a fit of giggles. Seriously, you’d think I was a teenybopper or something. We all know I ADORE Jensen and how could I not like Jared too?! Plus Jared is TALL. I’d look so little next to him. (I love my pictures with 6’6” Mark Mulder. They are my favorites because I look little next to him.) It would be absolutely worth it to take a picture with two handsome fellas.

I’d settle for a picture with just Jensen. Actually, it wouldn’t be settling. It would be the ultimate culmination to all those years he was “number one” on my list. Me and Jensen in a picture together. Wow, I’m smiling just imaging it. I wonder if Jensen does “huggy” pictures. (I see that Jared does.) What would I say to him? I’d probably be totally calm and hopefully not too goofy looking in the picture. I can manage being a calm adult around him, right? I did it with my other fellas, why should Jensen be different?

I like thinking about all of this, imagining the possibilities. On the convenience level, this is the convention for me to attend. Drive to BART, ride on BART, walk to the hotel, enjoy the convention, walk to BART, ride on BART, drive home. So easy. On the financial level, it’s probably on par with the Xena convention or even more expensive (depending on which photo op I choose).

But all this imagining could be for naught. By the time I scrounge up enough money to pay for a photo op, it could be too late. Those photo ops SELL OUT quick for the Supernatural boys.


I wonder which, if any, convention I will attend. It either one or the other or neither.

Stay tuned!

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