I love my friends.  They always know what kind of news I’ll want to hear.  Case in point:

K: Did you see who was added to the Xena con in Feb?
 I mean Jan?
me: Oh no, don’t tell me. No wait, tell me!
K: Which is it? 🙂
me: Okay, I looked. HOLY CRAP!!!
K: His initials are CM.
me: I wanna go. How could I not go?!
K: Makes it tempting.
me: I actually made a noise just now. LOL!
It sounded weird. LOL
K: Heh.

So here we go…

OMIGOSH!!!  CHARLES MESURE is going to be at the Xena Convention in January!  I must go!  I want to go!  Omigosh omigosh omigosh!!!

I am feeling so a-flutter at the prospect at going to the convention, sitting in General Admission, listening to his stage time, then (most importantly) having that photo op.  How am I still such a fangirl?


Have I mentioned that I would like very much to attend the convention?  I don’t have to go for the whole weekend.  Just the one day.  Fly down, spend the day, fly back home.  Maybe take the next day off from work to recover.

You know what would take me over the edge?  If they added Greg or Erik to the schedule. I dare them to do that.  Then I would definitely go!  (Because at the moment, all of this conjecture.)

Still, I do want to go.

Will I?

We shall see…

such giddy chaos
oh the possibilities
skimming the surface

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