sweet happy friday!

the clouds gather tight
gray and slightly menacing
rain ready to fall

It was an odd day. On the one hand, it was the last day of work for a whole week! On the other hand, people felt like acting crazy. Seriously, coming in with just fifteen minutes before closing time? I get being “outraged” or whatever but it just never looks good when the people are loud and their language is laced with profanity.

But let’s talk about the really great thing about today– my cousin is in labor! She’s going to have her second baby very soon. So exciting! I cannot wait to meet the baby. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. 😉

Still very much enjoying the new phone. I wish I weren’t so paranoid about the battery life. I know what I need to do– I need to let the phone’s battery drain. It’s only really drained close to empty once.

Me at work
me at work

Taco Bell for dinner
Taco Bell dinner