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I freakin’ miss rugby. Super Rugby started today (well, yesterday but today by date). The Crusaders are up against the Blues later and I can’t watch it because we don’t get any sort of SANZAR coverage here in the US. IT BITES!!! Oh Setanta Sports, how I miss you so much!!! Sure, I can read about it all later but it just isn’t the same at all. Alas.


The update to my phone’s OS (Android 2.2 aka Froyo) is supposed to happen next week. Dare I look forward to it? I dare. I’m excited because I want to see how much of an improvement I’ll see in the phone performance. I’m hoping for better power management which could lead to better battery life. If I actually get the update and all is well, I’ll probably keep the phone rather than switch to the EVO. Maybe. πŸ˜‰

Let’s talk TV! Spoilers possible if you watch any of the shows I highlight…

V – I like this show on so many levels but there’s just something missing and I shy away from declaring my LOVE for it. The actors are fantastic, the main plot is intriguing but some plot points are just hokey. Like Anna looking to destroy the soul. How can such a smart alien queen be so naive? And Ryan so easily giving in to Anna’s manipulations. I know, he’s all about his daughter, but how can he be so quickly led whereas Erica can do that magical balancing act? Speaking of Erica, when is she finally going to get caught? I thought her cover was blown for sure in the last ep but no, her tragedy ended up saving her cover. How convenient. πŸ˜›


Oh JOE! Nicholas Lea spent too short a time on V. I really enjoyed seeing him on my tv again and then whoosh, he’s gone! πŸ™ Of course, Joe’s exit paves the way for Erica to keep her cover, but ALAS!

Eli Cohn was also another great character who bit the dust in the last episode. Couldn’t we have had at least one more ep with the excellent Oded Fehr? Bah!

I know Ryan was in the building when it exploded but I don’t think he’s dead. If he is, yikes!

I hope Tyler stays on the Visitor ship. He is the one character who annoys the hell out of me. UGH!

And a little nitpick. Thomas finds Kyle and orders him to do the dastardly deed. Kyle was dressed in his usual jeans and dark jacket but when he arrives at the hostage scene, he’s in a long coat and a suit. When did he change? Was he on his way back to his basement when Thomas found him? (And a side note – great to see Martin Cummins as Thomas!)

I loved the bit of guilt on Kyle’s face when Erica meets up with all of them at the end of the episode. Will he tell what he did? Maybe, maybe not.

So yeah, V.

Vampire Diaries – My guilty pleasure show. Have I said that before? I think I have. Ian Somerhalder, you ROCK! And Nina Dobrev is rather amazing. When she’s Elena, she just seems so typical a teenager with a vampire boyfriend but when she’s Katherine, she’s manipulative and deceitful. She’s beautiful and talented, that girl. I also like Steven R. McQueen’s Jeremy this season. He’s a much more intriguing character now that he’s out of the druggie emo phase. And cute to boot! πŸ˜‰ But Ian as Damon really seals it for me. He is just the right amount of everything. Damon can make you laugh, make you cry, make you crazy. It’s great!… I hope Tyler isn’t gone for long. I was a little sad to see the Brady werewolf die. But wow, Elijah is a powerful vampire… I don’t like Jules but maybe Tyler can learn a thing or two while he’s away. πŸ˜›

Fringe – Oh, that’s on tonight! (Umm, as I write?) LOVE THIS SHOW!!! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “etc of the wandering kind

  1. I think Ryan pretended to be one of the hostages and came out with them then snuck away as soon as he could, along the side of the building.
    I’m not sure who the snipers were and why they’d shoot humans like Joe.
    Yeah, Tyler was a real supportive son when Erica was mourning Joe. He is overdue for a comeuppance.

  2. Well, Ryan did something, didn’t he? πŸ˜‰

    Tyler just annoys the heck out of me. He definitely deserves a serious comeuppance!

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