the sun shone though the clouds

on the tip of my tongue
on the edge of my thoughts
your name waits to drop
your smile waits its turn
just beyond my reach
just beyond the bend
your touch waits for me
your shadow waits for mine
my world keeps spinning
my days keep dawning
are you an angel
are you still watching

The day started cloudy and cool but the sun eventually broke out to shine. Lovely.

So last night was the season finale of V. I’m hoping it wasn’t the series finale but I think if it goes on, the only way I’ll watch is if Charles Mesure is still part of the show. My thoughts, random. Spoilers if you haven’t watched it!

— Erica waking up in bed with Hobbes. Lucky her. I liked the way the morning sun shone on his cheeks. Twas a pretty site. Damn, I’m easy.

— Lisa had her shot and didn’t take it. Oh, why did she have to let her emotions cloud her? And then she had to endure the horror of 1) her mother killing her grandmother, 2) watching her “sister”/double mate with Tyler, then 3) watching Tyler die that hideous death.

— I know it’s horrible to say this, but WOOHOO, TYLER’S DEAD!!! I’m usually more generous than this but that character was such a freakin’ waste. I don’t know if it was the actor or the writing or the combination of it but I just never felt anything but annoyance whenever Tyler was on screen. He got what he deserved. It’s not like his mother didn’t freakin’ tell him before he got pulled in by Lisa2.

— I was a little sad about Ryan dying by the tail of his rapidly aging daughter, Amy. But his character had no more use, I think. Either he had to take his daughter or he had to die. I just really didn’t expect Amy to kill him. But is he actually dead?

— Anna was MAGNIFICENT in all her crazy evil ways. From manipulating Lisa to killing her mother Diana to her obvious affection for Amy, Anna went through a crazy range of emotions. Morena Baccarin is absolutely fantastic and I just love watching her. I especially loved when she was almost killing herself to bliss the humans only to have Amy take over for her. Crazy!

— I loved the twist of Erica’s boss and partner actually being part of a secret entity watching the V’s. Now that made sense!

— So where did Hobbes go? Does Jack think he’s seen the light of God? Is Chad dead? I’m intrigued enough to want more of the show. But I suppose it will be up to the network.

Whatever happens, I hope that Charles Mesure finds his way to my tv screen again. It was really for him that I watched V. As much as I like the other actors, the plot was a little too thin for me at times and having annoying characters oftentimes kills it for me…