week’s middle

maybe somewhere now
a spark ignites such purpose
to achieve the dream

Spring Break starts next week. SPRING BREAK!!! Not that I get so much of a break since I am 12-month employee. But still, most glorious! 😉

Ohhhhhh, last night’s tv!!! Or rather, tv I watched last night.

V – I shall be quite sad if this show does not get a third season. Sure, it’s a bit of a hodgepodge of plot lines going here and there but so many stunning moments can be found and still I’m hooked. My most favorite moment of last night’s episode was Joshua’s “awakening.” I actually gasped when it happened. And oh, you could absolutely see the realization and EMOTION in his eyes. It was breathtaking. Of course, I adore the Joshua character and have been waiting all season for this moment. THANK GOODNESS it happened… Tyler just bores me and makes me want to slap him. I can’t help it. He just seems so bratty to me… Anna blissing humans was just painful to watch. She’s like a crazed alien person now. But oh, what was that moment with Amy? Did she feel that prickle of love for the little hybrid girl? I like to think so… And how freakin’ long can Erica keep her wits? She’s going to break in a big way. It has to happen. She’s not freakin’ super woman, ye gods!… Oh Hobbes. I only like you because Charles Mesure plays you. Otherwise, I find you suspicious… 

The Event – Yes, we’re still watching this show. Here’s my problem with it (besides the whole thing with Sean and Leila): so the United States is the defender of the planet? You are telling me that the aliens landed in the US and so we have to fight them? At least with V there are motherships all over the planet (which seems more realistic on the mission of invasion). But on The Event we’re to believe that the aliens who were free to roam about only stayed in the US? COME ON!… As for Sean and Leila, I’m mostly annoyed with Leila. What’s the point of her? Someone freakin’ tell me!… But still I watch because darn it, I’m seeing it through to the end.