monday off

the emptiness spills
I have no reason to stay
and watch as this fades

I’m glad I took today off from work. I miss my sister and her family already. She called when she was home. It was a great to spend all that time with them this weekend. I need to get out to Atlanta one of these days…

When I turned the tv on, I started The Princess Bride, then The Hangover came on sometime in the afternoon. After dinner, the hubby popped in the blu-ray for The Hangover, so I watched it again. I don’t know what it is about that movie. LOL!

I watched the sneak peek of True Blood. All right, I must know what happens next! The only thing I know is that the werewolf doesn’t show up until ep 3. Boooo! There had better be some tall, blond vampire in the first two eps if I don’t get some werewolf. 😉

I am still enjoying the Nexus S very much. The only thing that I don’t like (and this is a familiar thing) is the battery life. Seriously, why can’t the battery last a strong 10 hours? Because I’m paranoid and such, I did buy an extra battery for the phone. 😉

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