another monday

every step draws me
beckons me to something new
closer to release

almost there

Oh Monday. The good thing was that the day zipped by, the air was cool, the sun was warm, and there was lots of tv to watch after dinner. 😉

EUREKA – Great way to open season 4.5! I LOVED interaction between Zane and Fargo. And is it me or is Niall Matter a freakin’ cutie? Yowsa! Yes, he is a cutie. I also liked the cutesy stuff with Jack and Allison. I’m a romantic at heart.

WAREHOUSE 13 – Great ep! I think Aaron Ashmore’s Jinks is a great addition and I hope he’s in plenty of eps. I like his “power.” 😉

ALPHAS – A solid premiere! I enjoyed it. Warren Christie was good in it. I have to stop calling him Big Cat in my head. (He was in that show October Road.)

So yeah, I watch too much tv, eh?