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can’t you stay awhile

can’t you stay awhile
whisper my name so softly
until morning’s light

The following is just some babbling I have saved from this week. Read at your own peril. 😉

Points 1 through 5 and point 9 are safely behind the f-lock at Livejournal. Just so you know. 😉

Sixth – National Novel Writing Month is in full effect! And I’m hopelessly behind in words but I’m still plugging away. Part of me just wants to quit. I don’t know what the characters do for a living (they’re starting to become spies or something) and I don’t know how soon to have them hook up. But I don’t want to quit so I just keep writing I think it’s because I like imagining the main fella. In my mind, he is played by Joe Manganiello. And who wouldn’t want to imagine Joe as 1) a great kisser, 2) the hero of a romance novel, 3) shirtless in just his skivvies?

he could seriously star in many romance novels, right?

Seventh – Desperate Housewives. I TRIED to watch this season’s episodes of Desperate Housewives. I think I made it through one episode and a third of the way through the second one. I couldn’t keep going. I’m not sure why but I found the whole thing ridiculous. I didn’t think that watching a show I hadn’t watched before for the sake of my favorite fellow– Charles Mesure– would be so flippin’ difficult. I had done it before (the Kiwi show Outrageous Fortune) but Desperate Housewives just doesn’t do it for me. I actually stopped watching during one of Charles’ scenes! This is how much I couldn’t watch it. I failed as a Charles fangirl. And I am truly sorry. I think my next try will just be to forward to his scenes, take in his wonderfulness, and move on to other things.

I liked him so much better on V

Eighth – Tech toys. A few weeks ago he turned in the Epic 4G and purchased an iPhone 4. We all know that I am an Android enthusiast. The husband calls me a “Google Girl” because my online dealings are tightly tied to Google products. I use Gmail, Google Talk, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Maps, and I always encourage others to do the same. Having said all of that, I am jealous of the husband’s iPhone. It’s so pretty. And it just works as it should. I know I shouldn’t be jealous but I like new tech toys and he has a new toy.

I wouldn’t mind the Galaxy Nexus. I just read a review on it and it sounds absolutely droolworthy! Too bad 1) it’s only confirmed with Verizon and 2) there’s not likely any way we’re switching carriers again for awhile. Still, I can hope it comes to Sprint and that I can afford it when it does.

The Kindle Fire is tempting me with its decent price point and integration with Amazon. I get most of my music through Amazon (though the new Google Music might be getting some of my attention as well) as well as my books, so the Kindle Fire sounds like a great deal. Unfortunately, after having an iPad 2 for awhile, I’ve been spoiled. Mostly I just want to be able to video chat on my tablet, amongst the other stuff. If I didn’t want that particular feature, I’d probably be cool with the Kindle Fire and I’d want it more.

The Transformer Prime by Asus is set to come out in December. I am also tempted by that device. I’d want the keyboard too. I’d have to get rid of my netbook if I got the Transformer Prime. Hmm.

Tenth – My hair is so long! I spent most of the summer tucking and braiding it because I had to walk to work. It was so easy to do and I guess during that time I didn’t really notice how much it grew. Well, I’m noticing now! It seems healthy enough until you look down at the ends. Oh so many split ends! And it’s so long that it creeps me out a little when I’m wearing short sleeved shirts and the hair brushes against my arms. I want to get it cut several inches so that the dead stuff can go.

Now, I must eat something and start cleaning a bit here. What a glamorous life I lead! 😉