I hear the wind blowing

I hear the wind blowing
rustling through the leaves
so cool and beckoning
as the sun moves slow in the sky
I hear the music playing
faint from somewhere inside
without words just notes
inviting to sway
I feel the breeze slipping
through the open windows
carrying scents of flowers and grass
remnants of a summer day
I feel the music’s whisper
seeping through my skin
playing with dreams of laughter
lighting the good memories

Kiari's Corner has had a makeover

I am really digging the new look to my domain. It’s clean and simple and inviting. Well, I like it anyway and that’s all that matters. LOL I also like how the way the header image rotates. Pretty spiffy. 😉

FaceTime with Sydnee!

I love technology! I’m glad for it because I can FaceTime with my niece and she doesn’t seem so faraway even though she’s all the way across the country. She was pretty lively during our short chat. I wonder if it was the pudding. 😀

Joe as Alcide
Joe Manganiello as Alcide

For ‘Magic Mike’ crew, being sexy is a lot of work