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fall upon your knees

fall upon your knees
beg for redemption with tears
rip out your own heart

Hey, why didn’t I remember that Dean O’Gorman (far left) is in The Hobbit?

My last Monday off until Labor Day. Alas.

We drove up to Sacramento today to run errands for the MIL. I was really just there to keep the hubby company. We had to go to two smog check places because the first place couldn’t get the van to check but the second place did. Oh, and the second place did it in less time! We should have gone there first, I suppose.

On the way home, we stopped at Sonic for a late lunch/early dinner.

We watched True Blood when we came home. I yelled at Eric when he was doing his thing with Alcide. (Really, Eric, really?!) And I knew which wolf would be second to Alcide. I bet he gets with her. 😉 I thought it was cute when Luna’s daughter ran to her grandma’s house as wolf. Adorable! And too bad for Roman. Guess we don’t get to hear him spouting off his nonsense anymore. Oh well!

Tonight is the last episode of Eureka. I am SO SAD that the show is ending. It’s such a great show and I will miss it very much. 🙁 I think they could have gone another season or two, darn it!

I keep seeing commercials and ads and pics from The Dark Knight Rises. I think I’m excited about the movie! We watched our blu-rays of the first two movies last weekend, so now I’m ready for the third one. I just saw some pics of Tom Hardy and his lady Charlotte Riley at the NYC premiere of the movie. He’s looking rather dashing. 🙂


Can’t wait to see the movie!!!