but at least you’ll say my name

maybe you’ll say no but at least you’ll say my name even if just once lunch in Monterey We went to Monterey on Saturday. The husband had the day off from work and wanted to do something outside our routine. We haven’t been down to Monterey Bay in awhile, so off we went! 🙂

this ripple of sweet pleasure

how do you create this ripple of sweet pleasure within just a kiss The end of the this weeks marks the end of the first quarter for the students in our district. Yah! This means the next two weeks are FALL BREAK! As a 12-month employee, I don’t get the breaks off but many of…

he sees deception

he sees deception lurking in her eyes yet he can’t stop the want inside he hears lies fall sweet from her lips yet he won’t stop the path of her kiss he feels hope with every touch yet knows it’s wrong to want to so much Caught up on our Monday shows last night!

the delicious chaos inside

temptation stills this breath then double times the beat of this racing heart can’t it just pass the tantalizing shiver demanding attention while anticipation builds without hope of release how long will it take for desire to subside how long to endure the delicious chaos inside

she pretends

she pretends she doesn’t care if he smiles her way she pretends she doesn’t feel that heat flushing her skin she pretends she’s unaffected when he says her name she pretends she can wait until he takes her hand she pretends she doesn’t shiver when he whispers in her ear she pretends she doesn’t need…