this ripple of sweet pleasure

how do you create
this ripple of sweet pleasure
within just a kiss

The end of the this weeks marks the end of the first quarter for the students in our district. Yah! This means the next two weeks are FALL BREAK! As a 12-month employee, I don’t get the breaks off but many of us do take time off during these “slow” times and I’m doing my long weekend thing of taking the Mondays off and doing half day Fridays. GLORIOUS!

I’ve started some plot possibilities for National Novel Writing Month. I really want to FINISH this year. I think I haven’t actually finished a novel in a couple of years and I want to do it this year so I’m trying a rough outline just so that I know where I might want the story to go. I’ve decided (maybe?) to take the two current characters I’ve created and stick them in a slightly different story. And yes, I think it’s going to be a romance. 😉