I thought you would wait

I thought you would wait
now I see you’ve moved along
happy without me

I woke up with a decent conflict point for my story. Yah! It should add a little drama, which my story needs. 😉

Good for the Detroit Tigers! One of the ladies at work is from Michigan and is of course cheering for the Tigers, so it’s good for her too… The St. Louis Cardinals have one more game to win and then it’s off to the World Series. I’m going to be on pins and needles during tonight’s game, I tell ya!

TV stuff!

With all this baseball, our shows have gotten a bit neglected but I just have to mention a couple…

Flashpoint – This is the last season of this FANTASTIC show that was ditched by CBS and now resides on ION. The fifth season opened with a gut wrenching, heartbreaking, tears inducing episode that even now brings a bit of glisten to my eyes. It was so freakin’ good and I thought in the end, how the hell is this show NOT on network television? It was a wretchedly emotional episode but so well done and I applaud the writers and the actors for it. Hugh Dillon was especially heartbreaking. If you get a chance to watch this show, do it!

Arrow – I do love those action type shows and cast a hot guy like Stephen Amell and you’ve got me half hooked. He has pretty eyes and a rockin’ body. Oh, and the show is actually quite decently written and well acted. Maybe I just like guys who load with a bow and arrows. Rarr. I’d recommend this show if you like the hero stuff.

Oh, and I mentioned that Ed Quinn will be on Castle, right? Well, some pics from that episode were posted and geez, apparently I’ll like him when he’s got longer hair and not a lot of scruff.

I know, slightly cheesy. 😉

Source: tvline.com via Valerie on Pinterest