the soft whisper of his name

he cannot forget
the soft whisper of his name
spoken from her lips

day280: it's like he knows me...
a tweet reply from the other day

I forgot to mention the above tweet from the other day! A lovely reply, of course, but what struck me and made me giggle was the “Val” part. It’s like he knows me or something. LOL The only other person who has called me Val on twitter (besides my friends) is Scott Levy (who I’d love to say is my friend but I think it’s better to say we’re friendly). So Charles, you’re keeping me hooked! 😉

I keep reading those short free romance stories at Harlequin to get me in the mood to write my own romance story. Some of them are eye rollers but most are pretty well written and hook me from the get-go. I read this rather steamy one last night and it made me laugh out loud. Oh, then I read one of my old National Novel Writing Month novels (2008?) and YOWSA, I guess I do know how to write some sexy bits. That particular story (Jake and Marina) was fun to write and still fun to read. I have a feeling the Jake character is supposed to be a Jensen Ackles lookalike and a Mark Mulder lookalike appears as well. 😉 I hope that I can complete this year’s story and that it has love, humor, and momentary heartache.