as if an aside

we say words
but we don’t say
what we mean
only a hint
as if an aside
is it fear
trapping us
is it resignation
holding us back
why can’t we say
the words we mean
unlock our hearts
whisper it
softly at first
make it a declaration
proud and loud
no matter the end

I’m writing and writing and writing. It’s wonderful and exhilarating and all over the place! LOL I don’t care. I love my characters right now. They’re not perfect (I hope) but they’re so much fun to write.

The other day, the @NaNoWriMo twitter had a hashtag that said #whatnanomeanstome and I wrote:

Falling in love as my characters fall in love… #whatnanomeanstome

It’s my most RT’d tweet! And it’s super touching to have had my little bit read. So thank you, fellow nanoers! (Wait, what do we call ourselves? 😛 )


It rained today…