emerge from melancholy

let me take this step
emerge from melancholy
with a heart renewed

morning repeat of Monday

I remembered to get my free drink from Starbucks and I chose my usual cafe mocha. DELICIOUS, of course. I think the caffeine keeps me peppy. And that’s not a bad thing, right? I think it might make me cheeky too. Oh well! 😉

I’m so glad my friends and I are using Google Plus. I tell ya, it’s so much fun! One of us created a “community” and we post our crazy stuff there, exclusive to the community. I can see everything I’ve posted from my own profile page (but only if I’m logged in) but the community stuff is not part of my regular stream/feed. It’s pretty neat. Try it out for yourself, encourage your family and friends to give it a go. And don’t listen to those naysayers who say Google Plus is dead. Don’t let them discourage you from trying out something pretty damn cool.

On the mobile front with Google Plus, I really enjoy the G+ Messenger! The same friends and I have a group chat going on and it’s much nicer than doing a group MMS. The only thing I wish is that the Messenger was accessible on the computer. Why can’t we chat like that online?! Otherwise, it rocks in how we can chat and share photos and such. Once again, TRY IT! 😉

And here’s a creepy video that had me fascinated from the beginning. LOL

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