if I spin my tale of woe

will you break my heart
if I spin my tale of woe
pushing you away

I have no tale of woe to spin. I’m still smiling about yesterday. πŸ˜‰

"I Do Over"

Last night I was online (surprise!) and I saw that EQ was tweeting and I thought, hmm, if I tweet something at him, maybe he’ll reply? (Yes, I think these things. What can I say?) So I thought about it and remembered that I had done screencaps from “I Do Over” and so I tweeted out the picture, saying something about how I cry whenever I watch the ep. (And I do cry. Well, tear up a little. How can I not?) And lo, he replied! πŸ™‚

Tweet replies

I do like very much when he replies. It makes me smile and giggle. And who doesn’t like smiling and giggling? πŸ˜‰