I’ve set you aside

I’ve set you aside
hiding away memories
left to better days

It’s almost Friday and this is a good thing. I’m very much looking forward to the three day weekend. 🙂

the room with the copier and office supplies at work

Even without my boss in the office, I’m still busy. Is that normal? I suppose that good, right? But I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by the deadlines lurking ahead of me. But nothing to do but rally forth with a smile. 🙂 Yes, like that.

Not sure when I’ll post my next Listworthy fella. The one I’m writing for the current number one is threatening to be a short novel and since I’m going to tag him, it’s probably best to keep it short and sweet, eh? Maybe I’ll do someone else first. Hmmm.

And I’m feeling utterly uninspired in regards to my stories. I have two in various stages, “Free Me” the NaNoWriMo, and “Reasons for Being” the one that can be a prequel or sequel to “Free Me.” I haven’t decided yet and I’m confused. “Free Me” is finished but I want to do a whole crazy re-write of it mostly on the characters’ job fronts. And “Reasons for Being” is a bit more epic but I’m stuck at a weird place. Oh well, I’ll figure it out someday…