with faith without direction

follow me this way
with faith without direction
through the twists and turns

Someone asked me to post the follow picture and I just had to oblige:
Got something in the mail
see, it exists!

Twas DAMN COLD walking to work this morning but it was dry. Mostly. But it was COLD!

My face was SO COLD when I got to work but I warmed up quite quickly, thank goodness!

10 thoughts on “with faith without direction

  1. Hahaha…. reminds me of the Santa?M&Ms commercial: “He’s exist!” “They do exist!”

    But… did you actually find it yet?? 🙂

  2. I have not yet found it. I think I’ll look on Saturday when the hubby is at work and he doesn’t have to see me move things around. LOL

  3. I hope you find it. But if you don’t at least you can get the video off YouTube. He hasn’t read the review yet. I had to laugh at the tweets going between his PR company and Neil (totaltutor) that I kept getting tagged in 😀 Take a look at the archive page. I post a pick of a tweet he made to someone else. Looks interesting!

  4. Ohhh, interesting tweet! I love hints of new and exciting. LOL!

    I think it’s cool they keep you in the loop. It’s probably inadvertent but still nice, eh? LOL

    I hope I can find the DVD too. I am determined!

  5. There was also one about his having to have shoulder surgery once his knee is 100%. Wonder what he did to himself! Can’t wait for his news though! Or my mail… I’m way too impatient. Seriously.

    Very cool about being kept in the loop. I like it 🙂

    I will send good DVD finding vibes to you on Saturday, LOL!

  6. Wow, he’s having surgery on his shoulder? I wonder too what he’s been doing with himself. Yikes!

    And yes, I want to know what he’s sending you! 😀

    I hope I didn’t put the DVD somewhere odd. Sometimes I do things like that to “special” stuff and then forget about it. Alas!

  7. I wanted to ask him what happened but I figured if he wanted people to know, he’d have posted it.

    When/if he replies to the review post, I’ll ask if he got the DM with my addy. Don’t want to seem pushy, LOL!

    Yeah, I’ve done that before, thinking I’ll remember I stuck it somewhere special because it was special and then can’t find it when I want it. D’oh!

  8. He’ll probably share if someone asks. 😉

    I hope he sends you the goods soon! I wanna know what you get. LOL

    I seriously can’t picture where I put that darn DVD. So that means it can be ANYWHERE. YIKES!

  9. Yeah, he probably would. I’ll add it to my list of things to ask him about. But damn…. it’s LONG! LOL!

    Like, I told him, I really don’t care what he sends. It could be a bar napkin that he personalize/autographed and I’d be thrilled. Of course, then I could tease and say I met him in bar one night 😉

    Uh oh, you’ll lose fangirl points if you don’t find it!

  10. It’s good to have a list of things to ask. You’ll never want of conversation. 😉

    I hope whatever he’s sending gets to you soon. I know I have an autographed pic of him but that’s in a box that I can’t get to at the moment. Hopefully somewhere in my garage. LOL

    I don’t want to lose any fangirl points! I think me leading you to him should take care of me for a little while, eh?

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