if we ever meet

if we ever meet
I’ll pretend with a cool smile
my heart does not skip


Not sure if I’m digging the green but I do like the gold with the hearts. The green is a bit foresty with tiny sparkly flecks.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is going to be an episode of Driven to Extremes on the Discovery Channel. Neat! Yes, I still adore Tom Hardy, even when he’s looking all grizzly man. LOL 😉

Yesterday at the crab feed, someone spoke who looked SO FAMILIAR to me. I think I know who he might be and I could ask one of my friends (who dated him for a bit) but I think it might be weird and awkward to ask her. So I probably won’t ask. And maybe I’ll forget but I thought I’d note it here to myself. 😛

Omigosh, spring training games have started. Baseball is just around the corner! Crazy. I need to get back into it except I think rugby wants to be number one in my book. 😉

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