Easter Sunday

night has fallen the rain has fallen though the days say spring in this quiet moment winter slips in to touch the chill in the breeze just enough to shiver a reminder not so distant We stayed in town for Easter which was probably just as well since the weather was quite unsettling all day.…

ready and waiting

you know you’ve got me wrapped tight around your finger ready and waiting The Crusaders won (rugby), the A’s won (baseball), and Syracuse won to go to the Final Four (basketball). A good day of sports watching! 😀 How can you say no to that face?

laughter will ring in the air

one day very soon laughter will ring in the air banishing darkness cool lime refresher On my way home I stopped at Starbucks for a cool lime refresher. Delicious!

if you wanted love

give away your heart it was never yours to keep if you wanted love Holli is a busybody… My throwback Thursday picture is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE pictures with me in it. 😀 I posted it (again) today because one of my friends found Dean O’Gorman on twitter and I wanted to see if…

sensations of maybe

there’s a dream I’ve forgotten one that held me close whispering secrets promising inspiration but then morning shone so bright and blinding the dream faded merely to something faint sensations of maybe I had a dream and only remember bits of it. I think it was a dream within a dream. Alas, I think it…

only emptiness

shut it down smother the fire plunge into darkness embrace the silence burn the tears stifle the sobs see nothing hear nothing feel nothing only emptiness I got to drive to work today (joy!) and so stopped at Starbucks. I went with the frappe instead of the mocha. All good. Too good. 😉

is it just a tease

is it just a tease hinting an unseen future just beyond our reach It’s maddening sometimes thinking of heart twisting scenes without context. I suppose that’s why I call some of my story scenes “vignettes” because I like the idea of the scenes but have no clue what the overall story might be. See, maddening.…