hazy in dreams

yet strong
yet heard
lost in the past
hazy in dreams
akin to regret
without a path

my morning goodness

I seriously LOVE summer break even though I have to work. There’s something calming about having the student parking lot across the street EMPTY. Of course, I still get the odd person here and there thinking we’re the post office and I try to wait until they leave before I laugh. 😉 If I could, I would so take pictures of these hapless folks. Instead, I sometimes tweet when they walk in and then walk out because it amuses me. Perhaps I’m just easily amused…

Strike Back
Strike Back
Strike Back fellas Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester will always make me a happy fangirl…

Musings, off the top and rambling…

The List
My List is definitely going through an overhaul. I have shifted fellas here and there and no one is safe! It’s lots of fun for me and so good for the little gray cells, as it were…

Along with an overhaul of the List comes new inspiration and new stories brewing in my head. It would really ROCK if I could just sit down and write one story at a time but my head does not work that way. And oh, the stories never come to me in a linear fashion. WTH?! I’d just like to FINISH something but it is fun to just think of different stuff.

  • Sci-fi epic – I’ve had this sci-fi epic in my head for over a decade and I’ve only really written one whole novel so far (for National Novel Writing Month). The ideas have come slowly for this epic but just the other day I came up with something that might work to tie in some of the elements of the broader story. How is that for vague? 😉
  • Romantic notions- And because I can never NOT write a romance story, I have a new one in my head (to go along with the other two or three I still need to flesh out/edit/finish). This one stars my latest fella so of course it’s the one I want to write. We’ll see how it goes. The characters are mere notions at the moment.

The misc bits
When is San Diego Comic Con? I need to know so that I can self filter the tweets that are sure to fire my way. I just found out the other day that Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester (currently known as #2 and #3) are going to be there. Oh, and I’m sure Karl Urban (I can’t remember his number) will be there to promote Almost Human (which premieres November 4th, ICYWW). Sometimes I wish that I planned for SDCC because then I wouldn’t have to sit here and try to be strong and nonchalant about missing seeing my fellas in person.


know the scene? I do! 😉

I think I should watch more of The Tudors. Hmmm, but when? I want to watch it on my tv before I watch on my phone for screencapturing purposes. 😉 Gotta love technology.

as Charles Brandon

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