when I forget I don’t care

I want to feel nothing when I see your name when I hear your voice I don’t feel nothing not when I see your smile not when I hear you laugh I can’t feel something when I know it’s over when I’ve let you go yet I feel something when I can’t forget when I…

I broke your heart

I broke your heart with such pretty words whispered sweet and soft with just enough heat you believed me trusted every promise saw sincerity in my lies brushed away your doubts we played a game but you didn’t know I would disappear taking all your tears my lunch mates, Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton in…

just once let my kiss linger

won’t you dream of me just once let my kiss linger sweet upon your lips The last day of break. The morning was nice. We had convocation. But after lunch everything just went into overdrive or something and I had ringing phones and people in my lobby. Nutters. From HenryCavillNews.com

let loose the chaos brewing

maybe you will break let loose the chaos brewing when that last straw falls FaceTime with the niece! Chatted with my niece yesterday. She is so darn exuberant! I love it! She’s such a cutie. I love watching her and talking with her and hearing her call me Tita. Awww. 🙂

promise the depth of your heart

perhaps just a kiss can hold at bay this longing flowing hot and sweet better yet, whisper promise the depth of your heart beyond just this touch when will we join hands letting the world disappear with just one embrace I’m counting the above as three poems but I wanted to post them at once…

all the reasons why

I have forgotten listening to your laughter all the reasons why Henry Cavill on Leno

each breath means one more promise

as we reach to touch each breath means one more promise a secret to tell the latest media at my twitter… Twas a muggy day, quite humid. It got to the point where I turned on Pandora and played the Hawaiian radio because I wanted to be somewhere tropical. Ahhh, the islands. 🙂 I spent…