the stillness a snapshot


so beautiful
even without a smile
the stillness a snapshot
a breath held of perfection
is it real
the glow in your eyes
the hint of warmth
just below the surface
so dreamy
certainty like comfort
radiating strength
in quiet focus

The Spurs lost last night. Darn. I should have just stayed on the computer and wrote a bit. LOL

the way I started my day

I’m still hopped up on Man of Steel. I am seriously considering seeing it again on Friday since I get off work early and there’s a freakin’ 12:15 show at the theatre a few blocks from work. Maybe I’ll have more to say than Henry Cavill is a godlike man as Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman. He has certainly made an impression and I’m almost at a loss to say how or why. Maybe a second viewing of the movie will make it clearer to me…

Strike Back

And yeah, still so into those Strike Back boys.