chosen just for you

how could I know
every moment counted
now and tomorrow
reaching out
you make me feel

chosen just for you
a whisper only I hear
voices laughing and calling
in my dreams
leaving me comfort
leading me to you

Henry as Theseus
wounded and waiting?

I’ve had the most monstrous headache ALL DAY LONG. It’s kinda killing me. KILLING ME.

We watched FOUR episodes of Friday Night Lights last night. FOUR. I saw seven episodes of that show in two days. Goodness me. Taking a break right now. Maybe we’ll watch one tonight. It could happen?

Tweet 25,400
My 25,400th tweet, yesterday…

Oh, Intelligence was on last night! I LIKE IT! I hope it does well. I miss Josh Holloway and I like his character in this one. πŸ˜€

Almost Human is still doing it for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing Karl on my tv. The chemistry between him and Michael Ealy is just delightful.