let me feel everything

surrender to me
utter the words
left to release me
let me feel everything
in this one kiss
veiling us from the world
amaze me with your touch
never let me go

Sullivan Stapleton in Gangster Squad
Sullivan Stapleton in Gangster Squad

We finished the first season of Crossing Lines yesterday. Such an intriguing show! I like it and am looking forward to the new season. Thank goodness for Netflix! If you get a chance to watch it, I definitely recommend it! It’s set in Europe and oh the accents. I especially like the Irishman. I’m sucker for Irish accents on men. Why? I don’t know. LOL

I’m extending Sully’s reign as my number one fella. Shhh! Don’t tell Henry or Kitsch. 😉

So even though I hardly touched my iPhone during work, I still managed to run down the battery far enough to warrant some time on the charging dock after lunch. Meanwhile, the LG G2 has been holding strong and is currently at 55% while the iPhone is on the charger again. What the heck?! It’s fun testing a different phone and it’s a bummer to realize that the iPhone is deficient in things like battery life. Alas.