No more love from me for @JoeManganiello

Alcide on True Blood
Sorry Joe, no more fangirl love from me

disclaimer: I’m not really THAT SAD that Joe Manganiello has blocked me from following him on twitter but the confusion and disappointment are real enough…

My once dear Joe Manganiello,

This will be my last public expression of disappointment in regards to the quiet, almost unnoticed block by your twitter account of mine.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if it if was a mere glitch or a purposeful act, I am taking it personally. I tried, in a gentle way, to question the intent behind why my twitter account (@walelia) has been blocked from following your account. I could not (and still cannot) fathom on any level how I could have disrespected or offended you in any way enough so that you (or your people) would find it necessary to block me from following your twitter account. And the very few times I’ve tried to question you (or your people), I have been met with silence.

If it was a glitch, then I would have thought my public entreaty would have moved you (or your people) to unblock me. A mere glance at my timeline should have shown you that I tweet regularly but not crazily.

If it was personal, then don’t I deserve to know exactly what I did? For the life of me, I really do not know what I could have done to 1) offend you and 2) even catch your notice enough to have you block me.

The only thing I can really think of that might have miffed you is my adoration for a new werewolf. But please, that can’t be it, can it? You cannot be so offended by my new allegiance to a different werewolf (a female one!) that you would BLOCK me from following you on twitter. Now that is just too silly to consider and yet I have to wonder about the timing of your block of me. It seems to coincide with my declaration of loving a new werewolf though it’s probably just a coincidence. Right?

In the event that you (or your people) happen to read this, let me say that I have enjoyed the time of following you and your work. I have LOVED watching you as Alcide on True Blood, LAUGHED when you played Brad on How I Met Your Mother, and MELTED during the dance sequences in Magic Mike. I’d probably still love to meet you but I would likely ask you about this whole business and then believe you when you look confused and ask what the hell I’m talking about. I’m easy like that.

But right now, at this moment, I am full of sighs and sadness that I can’t see you on my twitter timeline. If you (or your people) could tell me what I did, I’d really appreciate it. Otherwise, I guess I’ll be resigned to the fact that if I want to see what you’re tweeting, I’ll have to go to your twitter page. I will say that it’s a bit of a hit to my sensibilities that such an action was taken against me. People have told me not to take it personally but how can I not?

You kinda broke my fangirl heart.

Once but now not yours,
Valerie (@walelia)