TWITL – week four

he doesn’t know
the light in her eyes
belongs to him
the laughter
sings just for him
he wouldn’t believe
why she stays
day after day
why she waits
night after night
he only knows
she’s always there
the laughter in her eyes
lighting his heart
he wonders how long
she’ll wait
how long she’ll stay
he doesn’t know
she belongs to him

Sullivan Stapleton in Blindspot

First month of the year is almost gone! Where does the time go?!


Blindspot – Finally caught up! So now I’m going to go back and do Sully screenshots because hello, it’s Sully! Oh yes, the show is pretty awesome and I’m so glad it got a full season and a second season. Hopefully it can keep up the intensity. And hopefully they keep with those fantastic closeups because I LOVE Sully’s eyes. One of my favorite hashtags to use is #GreenEyesAreMyWeakness. 😉

Shadowhunters – I’m digging this show more than I thought I would. I still think the actress playing Clary could be a Wendy’s girl but I’m enjoying the show and all this supernatural stuff. So yes, it skews to the younger crowd but a fun story is a fun story, right? Right!

The Shannara Chronicles – I’m pretty much just paying attention to this show because of Manu Bennett. (I have more words on this but I’ll refrain.) Otherwise, it’s been a little slow going. They need to move along with it all, for goodness’ sakes!

Lucifer – After just one episode, I’m in. Tom Ellis makes a fantastic Lucifer and I love shows where the characters aren’t hot young things but rather ADULT hot things. Know what I mean? Anyhoo, hope this show gets a fair shake because it’s pretty yummy so far.


Tyler Rich playing the Anaheim HOB – from Snapchat

Tyler continues his tour with Dustin Lynch and Chris Lane and I’m not having any of it because the closest they came was San Jose and it wasn’t an official part of the tour gig even though they were all there. The radio station, for some incomprehensible reason, only sold tickets during business hours at the station. And there was no way I could get to the radio station to pay cash for the show. So no go for me. And we didn’t go Graton to see Tyler either which was fine but now it’s officially a whole month since I last saw him in person. I know I shouldn’t be sad because I’ve been able to see him other times but man, I want to get my time in NOW. I’m selfish in so many ways.

Have you checked out Jacob Davis yet? DO IT! He’s amazing. His cohorts are amazing. And if they visit your town, check them out. I haven’t had the pleasure yet and must depend on videos and show reports. So far, I’ve heard only fantastic things. He’s the real deal, folks. And it’s the reason he’s in my top three of country music artists.


Finished The Force Awakens. Yes, a movie novelization. Hey, it’s still a book! LOL I enjoyed the fleshing out of the movie bits and I still nearly cried at certain parts. ::sigh:: Now, what shall I read next? I’m leaning towards Victoria Pratt’s novel. We shall see!


Take Your Time – So slow going on this one. It’s closer to the end than not but I’m not quite there yet.

“The Arrangement” – This started as a vignette but details for it started in on me this weekend so I’m writing it right now. I have no idea where it’s going but so it often goes with my stories.

“Bowling” – I wrote a little on this one but not enough. Must get on it!