Etc, poetry

Dark Side: Blind Items

the darkness builds
seeping into the light
broken and brooding
just for a moment
let this be
feel it all
the chaos
drawing blood
from the depths below
let this be
for just a moment
filled with darkness
building and seeping
then let it go

I like to keep my online profiles on the positive side, including my website. Too much negativity already exists out there so why contribute to the darkness? How about some light, right?

That said, I do believe in balance as well. No matter how much I try to keep things positive, there are things I’d like to grouse about or vent out and why not do so in my little corner of cyberspace? So here it goes…


You know how gossip mags do blind items? They talk about a situation without naming names and you’re supposed to guess the parties involved. Well, this is my version except no one will care and only a few know who the parties involved might be. Let’s see if I can make this interesting. 😉

Bro Code Violation
You wonder why that word was in quotes? Because, dude, you’re an idiot. I’m sure plenty of people have tried to warn you, gently or not, that your current gf is a certifiable bitch. But whether you’re thinking with your little brain or you really care for the SAB (Stupid And Bonkers), it’s your life to be sure. No one really cares. But the point of the quotation marks is this– you broke that “bro code.” Don’t you wonder WHY the two parties don’t talk? Or do you really believe the disgusting filth out of the SAB’s mouth? Oh wait, you probably do. Or maybe the SAB didn’t tell you the “truth” and instead invented yet more lies. So if you have to ask the question, you’re either truly clueless (possible) or you’re trying to trigger a reaction (likely). You’re not going to get one. As it was said, good luck. You’re going to need it…

God Can’t Grant That Kind of Miracle
You realize YOU had the power to at least fix the situation, right? Turning to God now is hypocritical. He cannot help you. Your plea for that particular miracle depends on others, one who was WRONG and the other who was WRONGED. Isn’t it hilarious that the one who did the wrong plays the victim yet the one who was wronged goes along in life and doesn’t give it a single thought. But playing victim appears to be a trait carried down through the female line. So think about it. Fix your own relationships instead of worrying about others…

Dear Stupid and Bonkers
SAB actually means something else but I’m going for polite. I am so glad you are no longer in our lives. You are toxic and unrepentant. If you are truly sorry and wish for a more harmonious relationship, you would ask for forgiveness. You would take back the disgusting pile of filthy lies you’ve told. But you won’t. Whether you believe them or not, I know nor care not. No matter how much I like to think kindly of people, I know that to balance my soul, there must be one who will never eek out kind thoughts out of me and you are that person. It pains me, truly, that someone like you has ties to me. Every time you’re mentioned, I try to rise about the bile and affect indifference. But then I think, why should I? Why should I not feel the darkness and anger? So I feel it and let it go. Again, for balance. Part of me almost wishes you’d read these words so that you would know that someone out there thinks you’re vile and two-faced and unworthy. Part of me hopes that one day I’ll get to say it to your face. But maybe when that day comes, I won’t even waste my attention on you much less my breath…

Don’t talk to me about politics (Not so much a blind item as much as a plea…)
If I do not engage in the discussion of politics, it means that I don’t want to talk about it. You’re not going to change my mind about how I feel and I have no interest in changing your mind in how you feel. But I do respect your point of view. Just hope you can respect mine too…

I doubt the parties vaguely mentioned here will read this post. But if they do, AWESOME. And if they feel like replying, I hope they remember the fact that I did not mention names. 😉