TWITL – week five

when I say the words
I mean them
a different kind of promise
a different kind of forever
this you can trust
even in the silence
the words whisper
ever constant
ever true
with every beat
with every breath
when I say the words
I mean them

fan of the month!

The Tyler Rich newsletter came out this week and I’m the Fan of the Month! (Sign up for the fan newsletter HERE) It’s awesome to be acknowledged but truly, I’m happy to do what I can for Tyler. He’s amazing, he’s talented, he’s sweet, and he’s beautiful inside and out. I do what I do for love and Tyler just makes it easy for me. I’m so very glad to be part of his journey. It’s been amazing so far. 😀

Henry Cavill as a watch face

I think Henry Cavill is trying to kill us. He posted that picture that I’ve turned into a watch face (and my phone’s lockscreen) at his Instagram. YE GODS! He knows what he did, right? Of course he does. But hey, I don’t mind. Not at all. Nope!

Sam was on my TV today!

Sam Hunt played at the Super Bowl Tailgate Party. They showed ONE SONG but he played a whole set. I hope someday it’s up online so we can watch it even though the audience looked a little lame and uninterested. UGH! My girls and I would have been off the hook for him if they had invited us. LOVE YOU SAM!!! <3

WORK & feeling blah

February marks my busy time at work. You’d think not being the front desk anymore would make it less busy but this past week was BUSY for me. Add to this stress was the fact that I also got sick. I’ve been sick all week and although I feel better now, I’m still in the slightly coughing stage with a fun and funky voice. I don’t mind the funky voice too much. 😉


Very stalled on all my stories this week, probably due to being busy at work and being sick. Boo! Trying to write as much as I can even if it’s just a paragraph here or there…


It’s the 4th quarter as I write. Who will win? Hmmm…