TWITL – week seven

I don’t remember
when it began
no matter the steps
that I retrace
I only know
here I am
perfection sweet
this time, this place
perhaps my heart
will break someday
wishing it could
only just forget
your smile, your touch
your tempting ways
yet I know
I could never regret
no matter if
one day this ends
or lasts longer
than forever
I’ll not break
though I might bend
whether without you
or together

Tyler on stage last weekend…

It felt like the longest work week ever and it was a short work week (4 days). What the heck?! LOL I don’t think I enjoyed my long weekend last weekend as well as I should have. Darn it! Oh well, what can you do, right?


DEADPOOL – I seriously enjoyed this movie A LOT! Ryan Reynolds is crazy and funny and amazing in it. It was well done and hilarious and violent and a whole lot of fun. Definitely an R-rated movie. Don’t bring your kids to it. Especially kids barely tall enough to reach your hips. Seriously!

heed Deadpool’s advice!

BTW, someone did bring their little boy to our showing of the movie. ::sigh::


Take Your Time – I’m slightly floundering on this, my November novel. I’m in the home stretch with it and need less than 10K words to finish it but right now the plot seems a bit anti-climatic.

“Something Sweet” – This is a super short story. I need to add more to it. I think I’ve decided Sully is the fella in it. Let’s imagine him in a “sweet” story… Okay, yes, I can totally imagine it. 🙂


Finally, in the “secret” group! I’m excited. I knew there was one… When an announcement is made, then we’ll know the details. Stop calling me about it!… He’s in town this week and I wanna go see him!!! Will it happen? I don’t know. I want it to happen. I kinda want to be there on his birthday. Now that would make it memorable, right? Trying not to get my hopes up about it though…

when Tyler Rich gives you a shout out on Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to share it…