TWITL – week twenty-seven – #CuddleMaster

when I close my eyes
the dreams begin their magic
calling me to you


It has been an awesome week off from work. First off all, I was off from work. JOY! This meant waking up when I wanted (mostly) and being even lazier than usual (although I did do lots of laundry). Second, the weather was mostly cooperative by not being totally sizzling. We still had to use the a/c but it was rather manageable if we stepped out. Third, we got to spend time with family on the 4th of July, which is always fun!

4th of July
our 4th of July

Our day started early because we wanted to watch the first 4th of July Parade here in Brentwood. I woke up to an alarm (what?!), got ready, then we walked over to one of locals. I had a Bloody Mary then stepped outside to watch most of the parade from the sidewalk. It was fun! It was also pretty damn warm for just after 9AM and I eventually watched the end of the parade from my seat at the bar because I had to finish my drink and I wanted to enjoy the a/c.

After a nap (yes, a NAP), we headed out to Pleasant Hill for dinner and fireworks at my cousin’s house. Good food, great company, and pretty cool fireworks. It’s always great to get together with everyone to just relax and talk and eat. I like the eating part. Ha! The fireworks were fun. I probably should have worn jeans or something because I got bit by mosquitoes. Bah!

[flickr video=35570424302]

I know, what the heck is Cuddle Master? Well, it goes like this– I’m part of the Cuddle Puddle Nation (@CuddlePuddleNtn – twitter), a group of fans who love and adore actor Aleks Paunovic. The owner of the twitter account decided it was time to let go of the account and I volunteered to take the mantle. It’s not a responsibility I take lightly. Aleks deserves the time and attention and I hope my efforts are worthy to the task. I have befriended some awesome folks online because of him and that is a gift to cherish. As daunting as it could be, I go with love and respect not just for Aleks but for my fellow fans as well.

So says the new Cuddle Master!

[insert giggles here]

Hubby finally convinced me to got to Trivia Night at his favorite bar on Thursday night. We walked on a hot early evening first to dinner then to the bar. We won! Huzzah! We probably could have racked more points if I had gone with my gut in the one round to guess the theme (which was Sherlock Holmes). As winners we got a free round of drinks. I went with a triple IPA… After trivia, we headed to our other favorite bar for more drinks and live music with Ben Benkert. We liked him so much we bought his CD.

a cold drink


probably my Man Crush Monday pic…

Drives me CRAZY when I start on a new fella and I can’t find his previous work, especially when I want to watch that particular work. Case in point– Simon posted a picture of himself in one of his previous roles and when I tried to find the movie, no joy! Where can I find it?! Who do I need to ask? I found the trailer and OF COURSE I did some screenshots. They’re right up there in that funny little collage. I’m going to use it for my Man Crush Monday post tomorrow, I think…

My stories are so maddeningly stalled. I don’t want to force anything and yet I do because I feel that I should just write until I get over this pause. It’s just super frustrating! I want to do the stories justice but even just trying to concentrate on ONE seems so daunting…

We watched the Planet of the Apes movies because I intend on actually going to the theatre to watch War of the Planet of the Apes. Aleks is in it so must be supportive. πŸ˜‰