poetry, TWITL

TWITL – week twenty-one – a long weekend

the touch of the sun
so sweet and warm on the skin
more than summer’s hint


Solo: A Star Wars Story – When the husband asked me how I liked the movie, I did not give it the rousing recommendation that I had for the last few movies I’ve watched and whilst drinking some wine, I wondered, why didn’t I immediately love this movie? It’s a movie about Han Solo, a beloved character and one of my favorites. I enjoyed a lot of different parts of the movie– the first meeting between Han and Chewbacca, Han’s young love romance, Tobias and Val, the Kessel Run, LANDO CALRISSIAN, the Millennium Falcon, Qi’ra and her life after Han, Lando’s robot. But all together? I think I need to see the movie again to make a proper assessment. Perhaps knowing his fate colored my reaction to the movie. I just couldn’t let go of knowing Han’s later life.

Aside from the ambivalent feelings regarding the action of the movie, I do have one complaint. Why was the movie so dark?! The first few scenes were dimly lit and I could barely see the actors. Are my eyes failing me? Or are movies in general dimly lit nowadays for some kind of effect that mostly annoys me to no end?

If you’re a Star Wars fan in any shape or form, I don’t need to tell you to see this. I could have probably waited until after opening weekend but I didn’t and I don’t mind. I do want to see it again.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Finally got around to watching this one after buying the digital copy awhile back. I liked it! I LOVED the first one because it was just so adventurous and action-packed with a lot of heart. Plus hello, Colin Firth! The second movie was just as good with a great villain in Julianne Moore and some funny and heartwarming parts between the action and such.

Alien: Covenant – Decent movie. Best part was of course, Michael Fassbender. He did a great job. Even though I’ve seen all the other Alien movies, I’m not very knowledgeable of the intricate details so even though I know these “prequel” movies will eventually lead to the first Alien movie, I don’t see all the connections. I wonder if I’m missing something by not knowing.


Safe – We started watching this Netflix show. I’m hooked! I want to know how it ends. We’re more than halfway through the episodes. One of the teens on the show looked familiar and just before I clicked on her IMDB listing, I realized she was on Strike Back! She played Kamali’s daughter in Strike Back – Shadow Warfare.


So I’m taking the Apple Music plunge since the hubby is going to have it so he can listen on his Samsung phone. I resisted the whole music subscription thing because I like buying my music. But since the hubby is using it, why not go for the family subscription? I’m trying it out for free for three months and I’m already fascinated by it.

Not only do we get to listen to any music in Apple’s catalog, we can watch music videos. I can make playlists and download them to my phone. The only bummer is that I can’t download the songs to my iPod. I know it’s a little crazy to still use an iPod but I have a dock for it at work.


Henry Cavill

I am on a serious Henry Cavill trip right now. He’s the fella in my latest story. One of these days I should do a count of how many stories he’s played a part. I don’t even know what it is about him. Well no, that’s not true. I know what it is about him…