TWITL – week thirty – M:IFallout & the waning days of summer break

Movie time!

Mission: Impossible Fallout – Truth – I watched this movie in the theatre because Henry Cavill is in it. I’ve seen every Mission Impossible movie but I can’t remember if I saw any of them in the theatre. Maybe the first one? Who knows! But this one I made sure to watch opening weekend because 1) Henry Cavill and 2) we had discount movie tickets (thank you, T-Mobile Tuesday).

I’ve learned from re-watching the Mission Impossible movies that they’re action packed and super stressful to watch and Fallout was no different. It was an adrenaline rush with quiet moments of heart. A lot of the plot was not surprising but it was still fun to watch. The stunts were amazing, the locales breathtaking, the acting respectable. It was great seeing Henry as a different kind of character. He looked good and he played his part well.

If you’ve seen the other Mission Impossible movies, this one is definitely one to watch.

Beer at Imperiale Beer Care

This week was the last full week of summer break. The kids out this way go back to school on Wednesday. Time just flies. And yet it’s still summer according to the calendar. Joyful!

Concerts in the Park

We went to the Concerts in the Park on Friday night. It was fun! The band, Nova, was super energetic, making the crowd quite lively. Twas nice being outside listening to live music even though it was pretty warm even after the sun went down. I think the next time I want to go is when it’s country music…

A good week to all!