TWITL – week twenty-nine – busy week deserves some wine

Work was busy this week. The school sites had their days of walk-thru, which meant calls from the school sites and parents and all kinds of stuff. Add the fact that the weather was grossly warm and you have a long week.

our Instant Pot

We bought an Instant Pot during Amazon Prime Day! Couldn’t resist and we’ve already used it. We made our usual crock pot roast and it turned out great in a fraction of the time. Glorious!

the first Instant Pot meal

It’s Sunday night and nearly past my bedtime. I could write about my disappointment in Disney’s firing of James Gunn (WTF are they thinking?!) or how I wish we had been in San Francisco this weekend for the Rugby Sevens World Cup (go All Blacks!) or work (adjusting to new people, etc) but now I have no time because I must go to bed.

How about a picture of wine called Writer’s Block? It’s so good!

Writer's Block Syrah