TWITL – week fifty-one – Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays one and all! I hope you had a most lovely Christmas and have awesome plans for the rest of 2018.

the latest beauties from 1888 Design
my latest pieces from 1888 Design…

I ordered another piece from 1888 Design and it arrived in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas to me! Since I was a returning customer, I received another piece as a ‘thank you’ gift. I love my new piece, called Sea Foam, and had been eyeing it for the longest time. I ordered it on Thursday and it delivered on Tuesday, probably the fastest I’ve ever gotten a piece in the mail. I cannot wait to wear it!

with the Festival Cinemas crew
with the Festival Cinemas crew

On Saturday night, we headed out to Livermore for a party. It just happened to be the same night as a Festival Cinemas reunion at a nearby Red Robin. I was hedging about going but my friends started messaging me and after a bit of going back and forth, the hubby took my phone and ordered me an Uber. It was my first Uber ride and my driver (Carlos) was great! I am now spoiled because he was such a good driver… It was great seeing my old Festival Cinemas workmates! I can’t believe we all worked together decades ago. Facebook certainly kept us all in touch in various ways but it was lovely how easy it was to just sit and chat with everyone about our lives and our memories. My friend even had a photo album from those days and for some reason I was in a lot of the pictures. I’d say I was photobombing but apparently I didn’t mind having my picture taken back in the day.

a picture of a photo in a photo album
1991 with the reason I started working at Festival Cinemas

I’m glad I went to the reunion and I hope the talk of getting together in the summer pans out and I get to see everyone again. It’s good to talk with people who knew you long ago and to hear about their lives beyond whatever they might post online.

Friday yummies
Friday goodness

Friday (yes, I’m working a bit backwards here) was a lovely day. No school in session and eating all day! Then we got off work early, so even better! The morning was the staff breakfast at the high school. Thank you, FFA! Later in the day, we had our holiday luncheon. The evening was the hubby’s holiday dinner. Definitely all added up to a great way to end the work part of 2018.

it rained on Christmas Eve
rainy Monday

And now the random…

  • It rained Christmas Eve and we actually went to the grocery store after the hubby was off from work. We’ll not do that again, I think. When we were home, my stomach turned on me and I’m still not recovered. Not sure if I ate something bad or caught something while we were out but it’s a good thing I’m home right now…
  • We watched American Renegades on Christmas Day. I enjoyed the movie, mostly because Sullivan Stapleton is in it and I like watching him run around shooting guns and being a military man.
  • Speaking of Sully, I LOVE that he’s gotten to liking the comments on his Instagram. I LOVE getting that like from him because I know that he’s seen my words and how awesome is that?
  • I’m not getting that Harry Potter coat because when I ordered it, it was out of stock. It took over a week, almost two weeks really and three messages to get a resolution and I’m still a little miffed about it.
  • I ordered concert tickets for Old Dominion mostly because Jordan Davis is opening for them! I also ordered VIP for Jordan because I want another photo with him and all of that. The concert is in April and I’m counting it as an early birthday present to me.
holiday ornaments and lights

And that’s all for now. I hope to have week fifty-two up before 2019. Fingers crossed!