TWITL – week fifty-two – last days of 2018

I had intended on at least seeing Aquaman during the week but I’ve been the ultimate homebody all week because of a questionable tummy. It has totally played on my inherent laziness but it’s also been annoying because I wanted to see the movie and walk to the library since the weather has been cold but so beautifully crisp and perfect for walking out in the sunshine. Ah well, such is life, I suppose.

my top 2018 nine at instagram
Sullivan Stapleton comprised my most like posts at Instagram because OF COURSE

I knew that when I started getting a whole bunch of likes to my Sullivan Stapleton posts at Instagram that he would be part of my best nine of the year. I didn’t realize he would be ALL of my best nine but I’m not really mad about it. I love that he’s getting all the love. I remember a few years back when I was the only one really posting about him on Twitter and now he’s getting some much deserved attention.

I started writing a look back on 2018 then thought, if I want to look back, I can just look back at my posts, right? So do I look forward and muse on my intentions for 2019? Perhaps I just stay in the here and now? I’m going to go for random thoughts in bullet form…

  • Another year here in this house!… We rent our current residence and we had our annual inspection this week. It’s nice to know that we have this place for another year. It would be nice to lock in for more than year but this is how the property manager works. At the end of it, I have a cleaner house and promise myself to keep it neat and clean (which doesn’t last very long).
  • Harry Potter – I finished my re-watch of the movie series (which I had started back in November) as we bought the digital version on iTunes because the bundle was on sale. I still cried at the same parts and still felt that melancholy when the last movie ended. I watched a lot of the behind the scenes extras, all of which were quite interesting.
  • Corner Gas – If you have Amazon Prime, check out this quirky Canadian comedy! We watched back while it was still airing (not sure how we did since I’m not sure if it actually aired here in the US but…) and it was recently added to Amazon Prime TV so GO WATCH IT.
  • Digital movies & tv on sale! It’s that time of year when the digital retailers slash prices on all kinds of movies and television. I’ve already bought the aforementioned Harry Potter series, The Meg, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, The Player (short-lived tv show starring Philip Winchester and Wesley Snipes), Chuck, a few seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Whenever I buy digital movies, I try to buy movies that are Movies Anywhere because then we can watch on iTunes or Vudu (or Google Play, FandangoNow, Microsoft Movies and TV). I wish they had the same thing for television shows.
the gift piece
bird skull pendant

When I was watching the last couple of Harry Potter movies, I noticed that Bellatrix had a pendant that reminded me of the pendant in my last 1888 Design delivery. Now when I look at my pendant, I’m going to think of Harry Potter…

Intentions for 2019

  • Write more… I’d like to edit the stories I’ve written but also write a new story besides whatever I end up writing for National Novel Writing Month. Maybe I’ll dip into my sci-fi/fantasy epic or just finish the romantic trilogy I started a few years ago…
  • Read more… I absolutely need to read more. I should use that digital library card more often than not since it’s so easy…
  • Visit the library at least once a week… I love our new library and I love spending time there. I’ve only checked out one book so far. Perhaps one book a month from there should be a goal…
  • Health awareness… I started a program a few months ago and it has made me aware of my food intake and exercise (or lack thereof). I’m going to continue the program and try to reprogram my lazy self to make better choices.
  • Take more pictures… I have a great phone that has a great camera so maybe it’s time to use it for more than Instagram stories. I have some cool photo apps and photo editing apps– it’s time to use them more.
the moon one night
the moon one night

Here’s to a sparkling 2019 to you all!