TWITL – week thirty-four – another #TylerRich show @TylerRichMusic

We saw Tyler again on Friday! As always, a good time not just seeing Tyler but seeing my friends and spending a bit of time with them. There’s just something about sharing the good times with friends, eh?

the band
the band

The show was at the Foothills Event Center in Grass Valley. The main ballroom served as the event venue and a small stage was set up at the far corner. Not sure if it sold it out or not but the capacity would have been 299 or so if they had.

with these beauties
with these beauties

We met up with our friends before the show for a bit. We were in the venue before everyone we knew though and I went straight for the stage and planted myself near the front. During the wait, I got to chat with Tyler’s grandfather (@tylerrichgrandpa on IG). We talked about how he was called out on The Highway about not having official Tyler gear. (Of course, he has official Tyler gear!)

Temecula Road opened up for Tyler. They were very good– great harmonies and stage presence. I didn’t take any pictures of them but suffice to say they’re a pretty good-looking trio with a great sound so that should do them well. I’m going to keep an ear our for them for sure.

Temecula Road at Green Valley
Temecula Road after their set (can you find me in the crowd?)

After Temecula Road, it was time for Tyler and the band! I was pretty close to the stage and it was great! Tyler sound great, the band sounded great, and it felt good being so close and being part of the crowd with my friends and with fellow fans.

Tyler & the band
Tyler & the band

After the show, we waited out the crowd. Tyler met with the fans and we hung out chatting with his grandpa and with each other. When it was time, we all got our moment with Tyler and get our pictures with him.

the lovelies!
love this crew!

As always, it was wonderful to see Tyler again. He’s great on stage and the band is stellar. I hope he releases an album very soon. I want more songs to memorize! I’m always glad we get the time to chat a bit and I know the day will come where I might not be able to get that selfie with him. So I treasure the ones I’ve already gotten and I’ll always be grateful for any chance I get to at least say hello. (It would have been great to have seen Sabina too…)

with Tyler Rich
doing the #TylerRichValerie hashtag…