TWITL – week forty-one – time flies and flutters

time flies and flutters
drawing close then floating out
connecting in dreams

in memory
Uncle Jim

My uncle’s funeral was on Friday. It was sad, of course, but also joyful too. I loved seeing a glimpse of his life and how his family remembered him. When we could laugh, I think it helped soothe some of the grief. I loved seeing my family and spending time with them. Even though we were brought together because of death, we could find some solace in catching up and sharing memories.

I remember my Uncle Jim with his beer and cigarette. I remember him at the poker table with my cousins, my dad, my uncles, my aunt. I remember riding on a motorcycle with him around the block (I think my only time on a motorcycle). I remember him as a good guy and a Raiders fan. I remember him with love and joy and know that his spirit lives on in his family and in all of us who knew him…

the nine
this pattern


Prodigal Son – I am really digging this show. It’s a bit crime of the week with an important layer of the father and son dynamic. I’m a little surprised we’re watching it because we tend to wait for shows to go a whole season but I suppose this show is one that we both like well enough to watch the next day (thank you, Hulu).

Emergence – The little girl on this show creeps me out a little but when we watch the show, I’m hooked. I like the lead of the show because she’s a normal looking person (and age appropriate).

the Oktober Fest crowd
Oktober Fest crowd

Saturday (yesterday) was our Oktober Fest. We were VIP for the event (neat!), which meant we had an express line for the beer. Pretty nifty! I had a brat, corn, and a couple of beers. It was fun! So many people. I guess our town loves their beer.

Jack, just because


“I’ll Dream of You Again” – Why don’t I want to finish this story? I keep thinking of more things to write. I bet when I get to the “end,” I’ll think of more things to write. As it is, I think I’m seriously planning on doing my National Novel Writing Month piece as a prequel to this story. But I would definitely like to figure out the end of this one first. Well, I know how it ends but I just need to get there. Why can’t I get there?! (Probably because I just love the characters so much…)

it's his fault
his fault, btw