TWITL – week forty-nine – here we are in December

the long nights beckon
cold except in misty scenes
caught between our dreams

the pattern
my IG is ridiculous

I feel like I’m just grinding away for Winter Break. The week just seemed to drag a little but I got to end it with a meeting away from the office (and then we ended up locked down for a bit for reasons but we were released before the work day ended).

TV & Movies

  • Watchmen – One more episode until the season finale! I am so really digging this show. Can’t wait to see who the season ends.
  • Brides of Blood – This movie is from 1968 and a total B-movie but I oddly enough couldn’t stop watching it. It’s part of a set of movies, apparently, that were made in the Philippines. We found this movie on Amazon Prime and I don’t know that I could recommend it but it’s a fun and ridiculous watch…
  • Prodigal Son – The fall finale ended with a cliffhanger. How long before it comes back? Another show I’m very much enjoying. So yes, network shows can still figure a way to get viewers like me, I suppose.
my latest piece from 1888 Design
my latest piece from 1888 Design

I bought another piece of 1888 Design. I’d been eyeing this piece for awhile and I pulled the trigger because I wanted to use my discount code. As always, such a lovely piece…

this face

Yes, still Jack Whitehall. He’s on tour and I’m jealous of all the people who get to see his show. So lucky! His Netflix special comes out this week and I am so excited! I’m still not sure why I’m so fangirl for him (like so much) but it’s fun so I’ll go with it…

Henry talking The Witcher

I predict that I will be on a Henry Cavill thing again in a couple of weeks because of The Witcher. He’s been out there doing the press thing for the show and I am so excited for it to drop on Netflix on December 20th. It’s already getting a second season (WOOHOO!) so it had better be good. I’ll be watching!…